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Monday, May 01, 2006

Spreading the word

Life can be cruel.

Imagine this. You are 19. You have lost your father, your mother is struggling to support you and your siblings and give you a good start in life. And then you are diagnosed as having a debilitating and life-threatening disease, and are told that you need a bone-marrow transplant. And that it will cost Rs. 1000000.

But life also offers hope and finds comfort and support from unexpected places.

In a a touching display of fraternity, and combining enterprise with efficiency, friends of Thamarai Selvan, the young man in the above mentioned plight have put forward an appeal to all the world. They have used the medium of our age, the internet, to reach out to as many kind souls as they can.

In Terry Pratchett's novel, Night Watch, Lord Vertinari remarks that a good word can't be spread too far.

I came across this appeal for help in Praveen's blog, and I will do my bit. And folks, read the details here and how you can help here.

My prayers are with Thamarai Selvan and his family. I am proud of the young people who have taken their friend's need as their own and are helping out. Bless them.


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