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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kabhi mere saath koyi raat guzaar...

I must be the only woman in the country who hasn't heard it until then.

I must confess that the only time I listen to popular music is when I am in a taxi and the cabbie plays FM.

I was getting a pedicure. There was music in the background. My salon's music is varied but this was the first time I heard the song. That's a nice tune, I remarked as it came to an end. My pedicurist obligingly played it again, raising the volume. I listened again, catching more than the lilting tune and the haunting refrain this time.

What a sensual song!

I remarked that it seemed vaguely middle eastern. My stylist, who was even more obliging, played it again. And told me that the tune was lifted. You saw the flick, he asked as he snipped away. I admitted that I don't see films much. He seemed disbelieving. So I told him that I had seen three films in the last fifteen years. He looked at me pityingly.

But it's a nice song, I said. So he played it again.

Yesterday, I went to get my hair done. My stylist greeted me, turned to his assistant and said, play ma'am's song.

Good grief!

But the song is nice, so I listened to it again. I wish I can get the tune out of my head now.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Listen to "Jiya dhakak, dhadak jaye" from Kalyug and I guarantee you will have a new tune which will refuse to leave your head!!!

4:08 pm  

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