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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A small goodbye

Folks, those of you who are in the know don't need the explanation.

I am surrendering our den with its shelves of books, music system and our computers. The platoon of painters will take over the territory tomorrow and I have to disconnect from the world for the nonce.

I hope to get back in conversation with you all in a few days; just four if I am lucky. But, hey, you know the Lady and I are not on talking terms. Let's see. And most of you know how you can keep in touch, regardless of my being disconnected with the world wide web.

*severely* I will definitely be keeping tabs. :D

Take care, folks. And keep in touch. Do keep visiting; who knows, miracles are known to occur.

Here is a nice clue I have been saving up for you unappreciative lot:

Being the explanation of the decimal system in EEC reform (9)

Solution: Existence. Being: that is the definition. X is ten, which is the decimal system; inside a tossed around EEC. Voila!

So long, folks. I am disconnecting now.

Be good. If you can't be good, then be careful.



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