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Friday, March 24, 2006

Act naturally

If there was ever an oxymoron, this is it. Act naturally? Puhleeze.

There are others which vie for the top spot. Neo-classic is one. Simply grand is another.

But juxtaposing opposites to convey meaning does help.

I mean, seriously funny is an oxymoron but it is informative; as is found missing.

But when somebody says 'Almost exactly' I bite my tongue and refrain from pointing out the absurdity of it.

I've been thinking about oxymorons: original copy, government organisation, sanitary landfill, only choice... They are all oxymorons. My husband, who is a Linux person, offered Windows Works as an illustration. :D

Government organisation is what I get vexed about most. The media, recklessly, heedlessly and without sub-editorial intervention of sense or propriety, have been using the word rule to mean governance or administration. So we read about the Left rule or the Congress rule. Hello, communism and rule in the same breath? A democratic party with a slave culture? It is only possible in here, in Indian political milieu.

I was playing Scrabble with my son and added the tiles o, x and y to his cleverly added m, o and r to 'on' on the board. We were chatting too, as we both think it may prove a distraction and ruin the other's concentration. :D

I tallied the score, and remarked to my husband about something else altogether, prefacing my remark with "I think".

"Hmm, oxymoron," said my son. "Mom thinks. There is an oxymoron for you".



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