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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bend it like Beckham

World Cup cometh, said my pal. Blog about it, said my pal. That's a whole year away, I said. Football, you silly woman, said my pal. Huh? What do I care about football? A bunch of men running around chasing a ball,I said. Write about it, I dare you, said my pal.

I don't know a thing about football. So how do I write about it?

Wait, that's not true. I do know a bit about it. After all, my son used to buy FIFA Football games, the new version every year; he plays the Total Manager nowadays, though( the new version every year).

I know Pele is a big name, so is Zico, and Maradona, a k a. Hand of God for some reason.

I know Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea are big teams.

I know Brazil, France and Germany are big teams, too.

I know Cameroon or Kenya or some country did pretty well last time (that young man doing a triple back flip celebrating a goal was so sweet).

I know David Beckham is married to Posh Spice, who used to be in a girl band. Oh, and I know Beckham had an affair and his paramour went public. :D

That's about it, though. I don't understand football, and watching grown men chasing a ball with the crowd baying chants seems pathetic. I'll say this, though. They don't seem to have as many commercial breaks as cricket in football. I wonder why? :D

I do know a bit more than Justice Dipak Sen's granny, definitely: she watched a match between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, and was so moved by the plight of so many boys fighting over a single ball that she demanded that her nephew, the then Law Minister, arrange and ensure there will be more balls for the lads so they can play without squabbling.

Is football the same as soccer? What about Australian Rules Football? Is sledging a point of tactics there too? Do they call you names while chasing a ball and is it allowed? Is American football the same as European football? Why do they wear helmets and padding? Are they sissies? Are they scared, or is the rest of the world so poor that it can't afford the armor?

Goodness knows. I certainly don't understand. I googled to find out about it. I got more and more mystified rather than enlightened.

But I do know a lot about football, really. I know about players and positions.

Back, goalie, keeper, winger, forward, striker, fullback, left back, left half, midfield, wing back, right back, right half, centre back, centre half, goal keeper, midfielder, inside left, inside right, outside left outside right. So there! :D All acquired from solving crossword puzzles.

I know about Newcastle United Magpies, Everton Blues and Liverpool Reds.

Because I do crosswords, and some compliers do football-teams- oriented puzzles, football oriented themes once in a while. Inexplicable, but there you are. If it is a fair clue, I get it, and I learn this trivia about football and soccer and clubs and leagues.



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