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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lady Bountiful

It's depressing to read the Sunday supplements that come with the papers nowadays. Every other page carries an advert for body shops. Vibes, VLCC, Bodycare... You name it. They have 'before and after' pictures of satisfied clients who claim their life has become enhanced after shedding umpteen kilos with some programme, package, regime... Arrrgh!

Not enough to wax ourselves to neoteny, we have to be super-slim too, as if curves are anathema just because fashion photographers like anorexic, neurotic looking women to pose for them in incongruous stances. Seen any pictures in Man's World lately? I rest my case.

Okay, I am getting carried away a bit with the rant. :D

But why do all media choose to celebrate skinny 'could do with a bit of feeding up' kind of girls? That is not how real women are, after all. Real women are curvaceous.

Real women enjoy good food in substantial portions (until they start worrying about their figure and weight). Real women try to get by with as little excercise as possible. Good grief, life is tough enough without having to add a gym routine to it!

I find it scary when I see these beanpole women in their undies in magazines like Man's World. Where are the curves, the contours and guessed at secrets? These young ladies are dressed in what amounts to shoelaces and hankies, and their bodies bring me close to weeping. With pity.
I find myself wanting to invite them home and feeding them a good meal.

The strange thing is, the young people, the ones I see in the city malls, streets and cafes aren't anything like these models that grace the magazines. They are normal, come in all sizes, from slender to plump, willowy to obese; they look real.

And the outfits! Don't let me get started. :D

I was sorting things out a few days ago, and came across an old book of hymns I had. It had the thousand names of the goddess I was named after. That is an ode of praise, and details the goddess feature by feature, body part by body part.

By the description, the goddess has an abundant figure, and saddle-bags, folds in her belly, a big bosom, a lined neck, and hips like sand dunes. That doesn't sound like these modern beauties.

Oh, and she likes her pleasures: eats well, likes her wine, enjoys her music and dance.

'She who has a three folded mid-riff due to the weight of her breasts' doesn't evoke an image of our modern pin-up girls, by any stretch of imagination.

But on the other hand, if the goddess were a real woman, she would have the magazines and adverts, body-shops and salons, gym instructors, all telling her that her BMI is wrong, and she should start shedding some weight pronto. :D

Came across a lovely clue: Funny number? (8,3) The answer is Laughing gas.



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