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Sunday, February 05, 2006

To be or not to be

I am mulling the question.

Should I go ahead and relinquish my cherished ignorance and learn HTML or should carry on blissfully as I am?

This dilemma arose out of my curiosity about site meters. I wanted to add a counter, and checked some out. Horrors! They expect me to copy and paste scary looking stuff in my template. What if I made a mistake? What if my blog vanished in a puff of smoke and ceased to be?

Well, if I want to jazz up my blog and make it more attractive, or add counters and links or maybe images, I am going to have to learn a few new tricks. I can't even put in smilies, for pity's sake!

I have to stop writing and start learning, then. As soon as I finish today's crosswords, read news, surf, play minesweeper, contemplate my navel... Ah well.

Inertia seems the better option for today.



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