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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Self-inflicted Suffering

Most of us women have to be reported to Beauty Without Cruelty.

As victims.

We tweeze, thread, pluck and wax our bodies to baby smoothness in search of beauty.

All these methods involve some ouch factor. So why do we go through it?

Well, hairy limbs are a definite fashion no-no. And we are all image-conscious slaves of public opinion. There is the additional factor of looking good, which definitely boosts self-confidence. And the men in our lives appreciate it, so there is that to consider, too. :D

Why do men like smooth limbs while until the recent metrosexual trend they didn't have to bothered about their own hirsute selves?

Biology. Smooth hairless limbs suggest juvenility, and hence signal harmlessness. Perhaps they arouse a protective instinct along with just plain arousal. :-)

Whatever the reason, depilation has been around for centuries, and women are obsessed about it.

The first time I got my legs waxed, I squealed and yelped all through. The waxer remarked, with a touch of asperity, that there is no beauty without some pain. Nowadays, some three decades of waxing later, I don't even twitch. One can get used to anything, I suppose.

But the latest trend of bikini waxing and Brazilian waxing is the height of foolishness. Or is it? As clothes get skimpier and more flesh is on display, the body has to match the bare limbs, inevitably. So more gritting one's teeth and more sessions of pain.

The other day, at my salon, I heard yelps and squeals very much like my first waxing session from the next booth. A young woman was getting a Brazilian. Later, as we were getting our pedicures, I asked that young lady why she goes through it if it is as painful as it sounded.

She smiled wanly. "It is worth it; it lasts ages and he likes it", she said.

There you have it. :-) The 'Ouch' is worth it because of the 'Wow!'



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