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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Be my Valentine, Charlie Brown.

Ever wondered about the discrepancy in adages?

If a dog is man's best friend, how come diamonds are a girl's best friend?

What does that signify? That men want adoration from their women and women want rock solid stability and security from men?

(Dogs are the most genetically engineered creatures, anyhow. We have bred them for hunting, tracking, shepherding or fighting in pits to amuse us, whatever. Just look at some of the breeds. They are a joke. Give me a good mongrel any day. But I am digressing. )

Men and women look for different things in a relationship. While I can't pontificate on what men want, I could say a lot about what women want. :D

Most women want trust. Reliability, a sense of humour, a healthy respect for their talents and abilities, among other things would be welcome, too. A healthy bank-balance and a good career wouldn't hurt, either. :D Ability to take care of things has always been a major hook when women choose mates, however subconsciously.

Strangely, or perhaps not so strangely, women don't set much store by good looks. Hunks have greater chances to stray, and vying for a man's attention is such an exhausting job. :D

Most basically, though, women want a good friend. Someone who will be there through thick and thin. Like Oprah put it, many people would go for a ride with you in a limo, but you want someone who will walk with you to the bus-stand when the limo breaks down.

Valentine's day is a depressing affair for those who are not currently madly in love, I guess. All the valentines I got were for being a sport, a brick, a good friend. :(

Wait a bit. That a woman of my age still receives valentines at all, is a great boost, right? So why am I nitpicking about the quality of love lavished on me? Hmm.

There is a thought.

At least, I don't have the angst of having to make my feelings known for the first time, or racking my brains to think of a good and meaningful gift. The male population has it tougher.

You poor lads! My heart goes out to you in your predicament. :D

But my advice is to go for it, and tell the pretty young thing that you like her, come on, don't be like Charlie Brown with his pash for the redhead. :D



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