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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sic transit gloria mundi

First things first.

I have decided that I will need your collective mice landing perhaps accidentally on purpose, on the clever plugs that exhort you to investigate birdsong detectives or arthritis cures or any such intuitive matching that is done to display the aforementioned, and then I will need your first metacarpal slipping a little and exerting a teensy bit of downward pressure. Okay, all periphrasis aside, look at the wonderfully chosen ads that are displayed in my blog posts, they are worth a giggle.

Here's a clue. (They won't make rich any time soon, but having them ought to count for something, right?) : Lost. And I check, redo Lali's project (5, 2, 3, 3)

Make Missus Em happy by solving that anagram a la Da Vinci Code, and acting on it. That is my price for the next instalment of How K met Lali, so there.

And now folks, let's have a requiem for the passing of nice things, dependable things, that you thought you could count on. Like food delivery outfits that close down and make my life miserable.

Dude's Food Cargo was a wonderful delivery service. Their combo meals of both continental and Indian cuisine were well-thought out, excellently made and were so reasonably priced that I used to take a break from cooking regularly, depending on them. And their desserts were to die for.

They had trouble with the KMC and closed. Bereavement time.

June's Bistro was a lovely delivery outfit that my husband swore by. They made my life easier by delivering at unbelievably low rates. Their Bengali stuff was ambrosia according to my husband, and my son loved their version of spring rolls.

They closed down, too. What's it with good catering businesses that they let you get dependent on them and then they shut down? How am I supposed to cope?

Any of you who live in South Calcutta know of decent outfits who deliver? Not Azad Hind, or Dhaba. Not Don Giovanni's or Domino's, but little known gems? Write in, folks. My son will be coming for vacation in a couple of weeks, and I need a list soon-ish. He swears by mom's stir-fried potatoes, but he likes to order stuff too. Like once a day. So help me out please. :D

And while we are on the subject of seeking help, I could do with some advice, too.

Our television set has to go. I don't watch, so I am not affected by the loss of colour; K doesn't mind it. So I haven't bothered doing anything about it so far, but watching black and white on a colour TV is something my son is going to object to.

What should I go for? I am not going to do comparison shopping or market research when I have my trusted readership to pitch in with suggestions, am I? So give me brand names, models that you swear by, TV's that you love. What's your brand? What do you recommend?



Blogger shaunak said...

as for the tv .. go for sony .. always reliable and good quality ..

as for the food .. restaurants are closing down coz more ppl are learning to cook (is there any other reason??!!) .. so now (the next 2 weeks that is) could be a good time for you to sign up in the good cooks' list ;)

what say ??

10:24 pm  
Blogger Siva Sivaaa said...

Check >this out.

10:34 pm  
Blogger Lalita Mukherjea said...

Shaunak, I will have you know that I am a good cook. :P My pasta with spinach and cheese sauce is to die for. So there!

Sony, eh? Okay.

Siva, you too? Sony is the best that's around? What about the LGs and Samsungs and so on?

7:33 am  

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