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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The many uses of toyboys

"Why is everybody busy when I want to talk," I grumbled. Really, it's so unfair. It was imperative that I spend some time on the phone and nobody was available.

One friend was commuting and I could barely hear her over the traffic noise. I can hear plenty of horns out of my window; I don't need them from her phone too. Another didn't answer. I said a few unladylike things. A third was busy. Another was either switched off or unreachable.

I sighed and turned to my toyboys. I can rely on them to talk a while and amuse me. Ha! The first didn't answer. What is the world coming to? I called the Non Resident Mathematician. He didn't answer either, sigh.

Well, I could change the wallpaper and some settings on the phone then. Or send nasty text messages to these cruel lot. I was in the middle of composing a pithy message telling him what I thought of his insensitivity when the Non Resident Mathematician called back.

'Sorry, I was at the gym, " he said. "What is it? Why did you call?" I told him. He laughed. We chatted some five minutes and my purpose was achieved. I thanked him and rang off.

The next day the other toyboy called. "I was with some people," he explained. "Was it something important?" I said it was last night, but that it didn't matter now. "I called back later, but your phone was switched off."

I know, I said. "Tell me now," he said. I said I had needed to talk a while, but that was all right, I talked to my toyboy, it is okay, really.

"What do you mean you talked to your toyboy? I am your toyboy, dammit!" I clarified that I talked to the other toyboy. He sulked.

"Why did you need to talk? Why didn't you call again and talk to me?" I said it didn't matter, I just needed to talk to someone.

"About what, for heaven's sake?"

Nothing in particular, I said. I explained why I needed to talk to someone. "You are crazy, Lali," he declared flatly and hung up.

I was gobsmacked. I'd been charging my phone before the battery actually ran low all last week, as I needed to keep in touch and coordinate things. The indicator was showing minimal charge, but not the message. So I needed to talk until the 'battery low' message beeped before I charged my phone. That was all.

It is strange how people get offended when they hear the truth.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could'nt you leave it open & let it run out or Text or leave a long message that would have accomplished the same purpose? Tivei

1:57 am  
Blogger Lalita said...

Tivi- Yes, it would have achieved the same purpose, but wouldn't have been as entertaining as talking to people. I did say I was in the middle of composing a message when the toyboy called back.

11:14 am  
Blogger Sivaram said...

Satyam Bhruyat, Priyam Bhruyat; Na Bhruyat Satyamapriyam.
Speak the truth, speak what is pleasant; Do not speak truth which is unpleasant.
The Sages had said it !!

12:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There you go again, writing about trivial things as your city was burning. What a waste.


12:50 pm  
Blogger Lalita said...

Sivaram- True, but he should have been pleased I wanted to talk to him, no?

Anon- Dear John, please stop. I don't do current affairs. Find other blogs that do.

1:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lalita! this is chakri.surprised to see ur linguistic versatality.i just got carried away by it and was speechless.i really wonder how a kolkatian know telugu and sanskrit so deeply.i know sanskrit a bit and keenly interested in knowing things from u.i just hpnd to come across this blog accidentally and surprised to see so many modern girls and boys discussing mythology,literal telugu and many amazing things.i really badly wanna be one among u.but donno how.plz reply me in detail how to join ur blog at

5:23 pm  
Blogger Lalita said...

Chakri- Thank you. I am grateful you took the time to leave a comment. Just post comments, that is how you join my blog. :-)

10:15 pm  
Blogger hyderabad hunk said...

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4:10 pm  
Blogger hyderabad hunk said...

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4:13 pm  

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