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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Outrageous bombast with a banner (8)

Flagrant, of course.

One reason I love crosswords is that I learn new things, and find out things I'd never have known otherwise. Did you know that France, Norway, UK and USA all have red white and blue flags? I didn't know about Norway, till today.

One of my favourite compilers at Guardian crosswords, Brendan almost always has a theme to his crosswords. Today it was flags. The first across clue set the tone.

9) Right places passed over in trip - one flies over Paris for example (9) tricolour
Tour around r and loci written backward.

10) Has important role as crewman in vessel (5) stars
12) Bunk in ship as indication of rank (7) stripes

13) Celebrity, when old, 10 and 12 (5) glory
The Stars and Stripes is also called Old Glory.

25) Organised workers given raise that symbolises national merger (5,4) Union Jack
16) Standard description for 9, 25, 10 and 12 (3,5,3,4) red white and blue

Then there were these gems:

20,17) Prohibitionist's main policy that's prominently printed in paper (6,8) banner headline
This is lovely, prohibitionist as banner.

23) Friend and worker following a method of signalling (7) pennant
Penn and ant, and method of signalling. Charming.

22) Stone sink (4) flag

Which led me to solve 3) State of 16 22, emphatically not without monarch (6) Norway
No way around r, and that is how I discovered that the flag of Norway is a tricolour and is red white and blue.

And, by the way, it is official now. Neologisms appear all the time, and people use them. OED adds new words and that makes them accepted usage. But for cruciverbalists, a word appearing in a crossword does that. Emails and spam and references to the Internet have been coming up in crosswords for quite sometime now. Google as verb has been around for a while but Shed, in yesterday's Guardian Crossword made it official for us.

Search force in Humberside port (6) Google



Anonymous Ash said...

Charming, like you say. But the Shed clue isn't fair.

9:09 pm  
Anonymous Rajesh said...

Pah. Give crossie posts a rest and write some fiction, Lali. You do nice fiction. There, I refrained from the Auntie business, so write a story.

11:27 pm  
Blogger Lalita said...

Ash- It is a fair clue. Don't quibble because you didn't crack it. Dintcha love the Didn't go to restaurant or pub after eight, say (3,2) though?

Rajesh- Bah. No fiction, so inspiration, no ideas whatsoever. So there! I shall post more on crosswords, I shall, I say. Life intervenes too much, kid, so crosswords are solace as usual.

9:52 pm  
Anonymous dipali said...

Please explain the google clue. I loved the banners and flags.....
Crosswords certainly are enriching, but often times stay on the back burner, unfortunately.

12:01 am  
Blogger Lalita said...

Dipali- Goole is a port. G force inside Goole, and there you are. And it is fair because Shed specified the region by saying Humberside. I don't know how to add stuff, but you can check this too.

10:47 am  

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